About RDCT

Following the trail of disease, wherever it leads

Research Data and Communication Technologies (RDCT) builds and implements cyberinfrastructure for a global clientele. We help our customers develop and curate public-private partnerships that deepen bioinformatics and research capacity as well as aid in the development of international science collaboration platforms. Our solutions enable researchers at institutions of higher education, non-profit organizations, and agencies within the U.S. federal government and governments worldwide to collaborate in secure online environments. Our extensive experience providing infrastructure and data management for clinical trials, bioinformatics, and research in life sciences includes a deep understanding of risk management frameworks and ethical considerations, as well as a commitment to data accuracy.

The last two decades have yielded explosive innovation in the computing and communication disciplines, transforming research and creating new information security challenges. RDCT is committed to meeting the evolving information technology, security, and dat a processing needs of research institutions and their collaborators.

RDCT is a member of the Internet2 InCommon Catalyst program, which recognizes companies working with Research and Education Communities to improve the tools that enable secure learning and collaboration. We also have a long history of membership in technology partnership programs with Microsoft, Cisco, and Google.

As a benefit corporation, RDCT is committed to contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable economy. We provide paid student internships and contribute coding expertise and governance. We have a commitment to developing open-source software solutions that improve research environments for scientists, particularly those working in regions of the world challenged with emerging and re-emerging pathogens.

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