Following the trail of disease, wherever it leads

Research Data develops solutions to capture, validate and optimize data quality for the life sciences and medical research in developing countries and across global distances. In international locations, achieving data fidelity for basic and translational science requires integrating complex systems across continents and often in settings with infrastructure challenges. Our international team has extensive experience in meeting these unique and complex challenges with over 10 years in business serving this market.

We build and operate validated environments for clinical trials that include Clinical Data Management Systems and biobank operation tools such as specimen management databases and environmental monitoring. We identify and provide solutions for basic network and internet management because it is impossible to guarantee data integrity and quality without controlling the network itself. To support suite of services, our company includes globally stationed staff in West Africa, Central Africa, South Africa, the United States, and India.

We are dedicated to designing and implementing solutions that make research possible anywhere. We have extensive expertise in the regulator frameworks associated with good clinical practices and good clinical data management practices, both nationally and internationally, that are required to insure the highest quality data.

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